Behold the Lamb Camp

I want to personally invite you and the young people in your life to 12 days at the foot of the Cross, where wounds will be healed, scars will be wiped away, and hearts will be filled with a fiery passion for Jesus.

Camp begins on July 18th. Registration is 4 pm — 6 pm, followed by dinner and then our first meeting is at 7pm.
Camp ends July 29th at noon.

The Fatherless Generation

One mother said, “I read Dr. Sandy’s book and my husband and I were broken. Then we finally got our teenage boy, who was using heavy drugs and far away from God, to read it. After seeing Jesus, as never before, he wept so hard he gave his life back to the Lord and is still walking with God!”

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About Us

Behold Ministries exists to call and prepare REVIVALISTS OF THE CROSS.


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Summer Camp: July 18 — 29, 2019
Daughters of Revival: Sept. 21 — 22
Holy Spirit Retreat: Oct 10 — 14, 2019
Jesus Night: TBA

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