Daughter's of Revival

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Reserve a bed at the camp (call or text Barb 586-337-9199, $25 per night).

Daughter's of Revival

You can reserve a bed for $25 a night at the camp. Text Barbra Davidson at 586-337-9199 to reserve your spot and for more information. Pay when you arrive.

The fatherless Generation

Dr. Sandy says, “After seeing hundreds of young hearts healed through the years, I can honestly say-I think God may use this book to heal the heart of wounded teens and young adults.” One mother said, “I read Dr. Sandy’s book and my husband and I were broken. Then we finally got our teenage boy, who was using heavy drugs and far away from God, to read it. After seeing Jesus, as never before, he wept so hard he gave his life back to the Lord and is still walking with God!”


We host regular events where we invite the presence of God to minister to those seeking more of Him. Come and join us!


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